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Glivi fireplaces factory

Our company offers various models of series fireplaces that are made in classical style, in modern style, high-tech and country. All serial fireplaces are on the website of our company and in the catalog of fireplaces.

Open fireplace is known for a long time, but now it can be found less and less. This is an ordinary hearth, laid out, as a rule, a special brick. The efficiency of such a fireplace is extremely low — no more than 15%, and therefore it is not suitable for heating the room.

To produce our products, we use only the highest quality raw materials (learn more). Large volumes of production by GLIVI allow us to cooperate directly with the leading owners of stone quarry quarries, which, in turn, guarantees the excellent quality of the material we purchase. Many years of experience in the field of stone supply allows us to assert boldly that only in our company you will always find the best selection marble, granite, onyx or travertine.

  • Delivery to any settlement of the Republic of Belarus;

  • Free rise of the goods in the apartment or office regardless of the floor, even if the house has no elevators (excl.: ceramic tiles and laminate flooring, which can be lifted free of charge if there is a working Elevator);

  • The opportunity to choose a convenient time;

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